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As a transporter, we understand the need to turn trucks around quickly, especially far away from your own depot. This is why we offer Abnormal load transport services & much more.
Our Abnormal Transport Division o?ers a professional and comprehensive range of transport services ensuring that your loads will be delivered safely and reliably. Excellent management skills accumulated with years of experience, combined with modern technology and engineering within the machine moving industry ensure success.

What Would An Abnormal Load Be?

Abnormal load essentially means a material object which, due to its dimensions and/or mass, cannot be transported on a vehicle or vehicles without exceeding the limitations of either dimension or mass contained in Chapter III, Part 3 and Part 4 of the Road Traffic Regulations.

Our dedicated fleet comprises the complete range of vehicles, including:

taut liners
flat decks
rigid vehicles
refrigerated trucks

We Transport to | Abnormal Transportation Services

As one of the leading Abnormal Load Transportation companies, we service the following areas as well:

Our Fleet | Abnormal Transportation Services

Such is the extent of our activities within the general freight market Meridian Logistix has now developed a significant presence in this market.
As one of the leading Abnormal Load Transportation companies, Meridian Logistix supports many major manufacturers and distributors throughout South-Africa and Africa with single and multiple trailer movements with equipment ranging through:

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