Transportation Of Dangers Goods Services

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Can I ship it safely?

A brief introduction to shipping dangerous goods.
The goods you were going to ship as normal may well be classed as hazardous. Fear not though, we've got you covered.

What counts as dangerous?

Well, it's not just big barrels of chemicals. It's any item or substance which, if not handled properly, could harm you, the driver, recipient, other shipments or the environment.
Some goods which are classified as hazardous materials may surprise you, such as aerosols, perfume or anything containing lithium batteries – like phones or laptops.

Can I have more detail?

There are nine classes of dangerous goods, plus a few sub-classes. The class your shipment falls under will affect how you pack, label and transport it.

Whose responsibility is all this?

It's the shipper's responsibility to ensure dangerous goods are correctly declared, packed and labelled with the right documentation for the countries of origin, transit and destination.
What we can do is make it as easy as possible for you to follow these rules. With a bit of teamwork, we'll get your dangerous goods shipped in no time.