Expert Warehouse Relocations Services

You've made the decision. It is time to relocate your warehouse operations. Now comes the difficult part. How do you move the elements and machines of your existing facility's material handling equipment to your new location effortlessly, without experiencing delays or loss of productivity and efficiency?

Meridian Logistix can help. With years of experience, we have helped companies like yours move their material handling operations.

Our process for warehouse relocation covers all the details of:

Teardown of Equipment

We approach the dismantling of your material handling equipment in a precise and orderly fashion. Our advanced planning goes beyond the teardown of equipment.
As a result, we break down your pallet racking, conveyors, shelving, etc., being careful to identify each part, packing it to prevent damage and indicating where in your new warehouse this equipment will be delivered.

Equipment Relocation

At Meridian Logistix, we can help you relocate your warehouse across town or to the other side of the country. Meridian Logistix will transport your equipment to your new location using our fleet of trucks, depending upon the size or location of your warehouse relocation projects.
Your selves, racking, conveyor and all other elements of your warehouse process are carefully loaded and transported to its new location according to your program.

Equipment Installation

Our work doesn't end when we deliver your conveyor, pallet racks, mezzanine and other material handling equipment to your new warehouse. Meridian Logistix dedicates at least one on-site project manager to oversee the installation. When complete, our project manager reviews details of the relocation from beginning to end, making sure we meet or exceed your expectations.

Moving pallet racks, conveyors, shelving, mezzanines or other material handling equipment is one more reason you should call Meridian Logistix.

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